Making Text on Page Editable.

Is there any way to create a CMS[Content Management System] kind of functionality in Mendix . The requirement is to have static website data editable by Admin on run time . The idea is – there should be an edit button or toolpick (Visible to Admin) , using which the Text (static Website content) is editable on Place for Non technical Content Admin .  I hope there should be some Advanced widget or custom solutions to do so .  Please lead.
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Dear Anshita,

I am not aware of any way to actually change the page text from the frontend.

One way would be to create a new entity with an unlimited string attribute that would be editable for user role ContentAdmin, but readonly for regular users. You could use a rich text editor from the Mendix Marketplace and display the HTML it creates on the pages. You’d have to create one object of this entity per page. 

Not very elegant, but should get the job done.