Configuring elements per row in List View

Hello!  I was wondering if there was any way to change the number of elements per row that are displayed in list views? Currently for one of the list views that we have, it is only displaying four elements per row. We are only displaying ten elements in total, so this results in having two full rows of 4 elements, and then a half row, and it doesn’t look great aesthetically. For us to be able to fit more elements per row, would we just have to find a way to decrease the size of the actual elements themselves through something like CSS? Or is there a way to manually change how many elements per row there are? This would be a great help in improving the look of the page we are working on, and would also be useful in any future projects we are working on. Thanks!
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If I am not wrong, you are asking about the vertically growing list view where each object/item/row has some 3-4 attributes so they take 3-4 lines for a single object. In this case, if you feel it’s going vertically too much then you can place a table or layout grid inside the list view (the list view item content). In this way each row/item/object will display its data in a single line growing horizontally like a table or grid. 
Also you can add a 2x2 table or grid in the list view item so that your each element shows its 4 attributes in a 2x2 shape

If you are asking about page size (total elements/rows displayed on page), you can set page size in list view. 
Also an app store widget provides data grid pagination for the list view. List view controls