Populating Drop-Down selections with microflow

Hello! For one of the projects that I am working on, I was trying to create a DropDown menu that could be populated by a microflow. I understand that the drop down widget as it currently stands only allows for selection of Enumeration values, however with Enumerations there’s no way to change the values outside of just manually editing them in Mendix Studio. I was hoping to be able to retrieve a set of values that are put into a changing list, and then assign those to the drop-down widget. I’ve only been using Mendix for about 2 months now, so maybe there is something that I have missed, but if there is any way to make this happen, that would be a greatly beneficial asset to our project. Thanks!
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You can do this by creating an associated entity with the changing list of values.  The drop down would be a reference selector, which can be populated in a number of ways, including by microflow.

Here is an example:

Domain model showing Orders entity.  Each Company can have many orders:


On an Order_NewEdit page, you can then have a Reference Selector to choose the company for the order:

In the reference selector, you will find a list of Companies.   The documentation provides details on how to configure a reference selector.

Hope that helps,