Having trouble with File Widget.......... File Manager

I am working on an app that will have the need to both upload image files, as well as document / pdf files. I found a great video (2 parts) that shows how to get the image uploader widget to work perfectly. Unfortunately, no such video exists for the File manager widget. I read the mendix documentation, and tried applying the same “process” from the image uploader movies to my other widget. But no luck. When I preview my app, I cannot upload a file. Basically the “Browse” button is not active. Anyone know how to get a File manager widget to work?   Thanks.     Edited: My two microflows………..   Upload File (Speaker Agreement):       Create File (Speaker Agreement):   Jeff
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Hi Jeff,

you can

  1. Create an entity which inherits from System/FileDocument (e.g. “MyFile”)
  2. Add a data view to a page / popup, e.g. with a datasource microflow that returns “MyFile”
  3. Inside that data view, you add the filemanager widget The object must be created first, only then you can upload the file.