Simple question.......... Lists

I want to use a list in my app. I can use enumeration, and then pull down from the form to select an option from the enumeration list. But what if I want the field to be able to have more than one of the items from the enumeration list? For example, if my enumeration list were A, B, C, D, E   Let’s say one item in my databased would have A, C, D Another could be A,B So on and so forth. How to do this?   Jeff
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I would go with creating an entity and using an association (probably many-many in your case) you can then use a reference set selector for the drop-down

Enumerations have to have a single value I would think


Yes, Stephen ist correct. An enumeration attribute has always only a single value (empty or one of the enum values). That is quite usefull in a lot of situations.

In your situation, you have a list of properties and your object can have 0 to all of them. As stephen explained, you need to have an entity and a many to many association for that.

But enumerations are still quite usefull. For example if every object has a status. This status can be stored in an enumeration. You can use enumerations in splits. That makes decissions in your process flow quite easy.