Issue with Selecting Time in Mendix Date Picker

Hello, I have an issue with time selector in Mendix Date picker. It has a different behavior in desktop version and in Mobile version. In desktop when I click on Date It only populates the calendar along with Time selector is missing. Where as in Mobile version When I Click on Date It will populate both calendar and Time Selector. I need similar behavior in desktop version as well. Any additional configuration do I need to add from my end in Mendix Date picker to handle the similar behavior as Mobile. If this is a existing Issue with date picker can you please suggest any similar date picker or any solution to make it work in desktop version. Mendix application is in 8.18.1   Thanks in Advance..!!!
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On the desktop show the same attribute twice. Once for the picking of the Date and one for setting the time. For time there are a couple of widgets in the appstore:


jQueryUI Datepicker and Timepicker

Simple Time Widget