Open datagrid on last page

Is there a way to open a datagrid on its last page by default? The order of my data is very important and it does not make sense to display data in descending order or any other custom order. I therefor require that when I open the page in question, the datagrid loads and preselects to the last page if there is more than say 20 records and paging was set to 20 records. FYI I’m using Mendix 8.17. That’s not selectable when posting a question. Seems you can only select up to Mendix 8.16.0.
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Not sure whether this could be of any help to you but it seems that you’re looking for the records on the last page, assuming these are the newest (or latest) entries to this list.

Have you considered to use a list view with the App Store list view controles available? Use this in combination with JavaScript to force select the last page either in combination with a list view/list view controles from the App Store or the default paging controles of a data grid. Try also to look for the microflow timer widget from the App Store to trigger a nanaflow on page load to call this JavaScript.