Pluggable Widgets: Does anyone have anymore info on how ActionValue.canexecute is set?

Hi, I’ve been playing around with the pluggable widgets API to create my own pluggable widget. So far I’ve been playing around with the d3 library and have managed to create a d3 graph bar chart based on some Mendix objects & their values. However, I’m having trouble with the following... I’m trying to make it so that you can click on a bar and it executes an action. This works fine for a microflow or page without a parameter, but the moment I try to follow this setup to trigger a microflow based on one of my datasources: My microflow doesn’t execute… While debugging it seems that the ActionValue that is returned has the boolean canExecute set to FALSE. The problem is, the object is “available” and I have no idea how I ensure that it can execute (also no issues with entity security or microflow security). Does anyone have some more information about how this boolean is set or an example I can have a look at where this is properly implemented?
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For anyone that faces this issue. I found out what the cause was in my case. For some reason including the “Label” propertyGroup leads to microflows with parameters not being able to execute. It looks like a bug. For more details, you can see this post: