Correction Pluggable Widgets documentation?

Hi,   I think this part in the pluggable widgets documentation ( needs to be updated: I think this part of the example: const actionOnFirstItem = this.props.myDataSource.myListAction(this.props.myDataSource.item[0]); actionOnFirstItem.execute(); should be: const actionOnFirstItem = this.props.myListAction(this.props.myDataSource.item[0]); actionOnFirstItem.execute(); Am I correct? I keep getting errors in typescript if I try the first part.   
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Also, second question. I can’t get this to work with parameter objects. The moment I add a microflow with a parameter this fails and the canexecute boolean of the ActionValue is set to false… 

All the security of the microflow and the entity is fine, but for some reason it doesn’t work.

Anyone have an example where they implemented this that I can check out?