Repeating time slots in a week and UTC (Day&Time-Picker)

Hi, in our apps the users need to able to select in their local working time available time slots in a week from Monday to Friday. The date is not relevant, only the week of the day and the time slot in their local time. Of course in the background the time is stored in UTC in background, but the user sees always their local working from the selectable objects (e.g. 8am to 18pm). Is there any widget (or other idea ;-) ) that caters for this purpose? All I found comes always with Date and Time, but the date is total irrelevant for us. The available time slots repeat every week until the user changes it for his person. Thank you!
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May be not use any date time at all. Just use an enum with the day and two integer values (hours and minutes) and a reference to the timezone. Or just create an object for each timeslot per day. Then you can put a status on that time slot. And objects can be used for drag and drop so that could be an usability advantage.