No leading space in drop-down list is needed, I want its option.

Dears, I want to remove the leading blank on using "Input widgets:Drop-down". Can you tell me how? Regards.  
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Hi Ichiro,

I would like to point out that it is possible to add a custom text to this empty dropdown – to indicate what the user has to do here. It is also possible to set default values so that on creation a value is already set.

If you really want to hide it; the empty entry is not exclusive to Mendix – check out to see how to hide it via css



Using Mr.Lukas Tost's good answer I describe the detail method.
I think it will be helpful for beginners of Mendix like me.

1) Download widget:"HTML / JavaScript Snippet" from Marketplace.
2) Set Contents Type:"JavaScript with jQuery" and enter the following in Contents.
jQuery ("option [value ='']"). remove ();
jQuery ("option:first-child"). remove ();