Documetn Viewer ignoring file name

I am using the Document Viewer widget on a page in my app.  The issue is that it seems to be ignoring the file name. I am using a specialization of FileDocument (BoxDocument from the Box Connector module), and within the data view, I can see the that name of the document is set correctly, since I configured the header of the document viewer widget to list the filename. However, instead of showing the file (a .png), it downloads the file with the name BoxDocument (no extension, so it is downloaded instead of shown in the widget).   Here is a screenshot of my page. You can see that the file name is set correctly. You can also see that my browser just downloads the file with the name BoxDocument, because it does not know what to do without a file type.   And here is a screenshot from the modeler, showing the configuration of that page:    Has anyone else faced this issue? Any ideas on how to solve this?
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