Add a Dataview , in a dataview and give access to both in Version 7.23.19

Hi , I need to add a dataview in a dataview , whitout introducing an intermediate data view over the association and add an input widget that would be able to have access to both entities, like we have in Mendix version 8.1 and beyond (  for example using the first entity for the attribute and the second for the visibility ). I cannot link  my second entity to the first , If you have any solution to give me it's will be very helpfull !
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I think there’s no way to do this as elegantly in Mx7 as it is in 8. You could probably create a similar user experience by using a data view with datasource microflow, creating a non-persistent entity with all the required input and visibility fields/values of the combination and process the values back on save?

Not sure if this would be sufficient for your usecase.