Refresh in client not working on dataview

I’m working on a test project that shows toastr notification using Studio Pro 8.18.2, the screenshot below shows how it looks like: To do this, I have an action button on the homepage that triggers the microflow below: To show the toastr notification, I’ve created the snippet below that contains a template grid with System.User entity, XPath constraint = [id='[%CurrentUser%]']. Within the template grid, there is also a data view that uses a data source microflow to get the latest notification object and display it using the ‘Feedback Notification’ widget. The microflow above contains a change object activity that takes the currentUser object and changes nothing and set ‘Refresh in client’ to Yes. Technically, when this microflow is being triggered, the template grid should be refreshed and the data source nested within should also be refreshed to display the latest notification object. But when I tried to replace the outer template grid with a data view, the ‘Refresh in client’ wasn’t reflecting and the data source nested within was not being refreshed either. I’ve tried to replicate this use case using dataview, template grid, and list view. As a result, data view widget is the only one that is NOT refreshing while template grid and list view have no issue at all. Could this possibly be a bug?
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Did you try setting a refresh to the create notification activity? Does that work?