List-view pagination for association data source

I have a business requirement to add pagination to a list-view widget. The data source is association. I tried to use the app-store list-view controls widget but it does not support this data source. Unfortunately, Mendix is being used as a wrapper around a database, so all of the data is non-persistable and called through APIs. This is the only viable data source due to this and this can’t be moved on. Any alternatives as a solution for pagination? Also, currently working on 7.23.19, would this widget work if upgraded to 8.18.x?
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Can you model your own pagination buttons? Put a data view with a non-persistent helper object around the list view, and store pagination attributes (like Offset or PageNumber) there. Source the list view from a microflow, which could either:

  1. call the API and fetch a specific page of data
  2. retrieve the objects already fetched over association and trim the list to just the correct page