How to Adjust the size of an icon

Hello All,   I’ve been trying to change the size of an icon in Mendix Studio and Studio Pro, but I had no luck.   Please refer to the screenshot below: On the left container, the buttons are big and nice. However, on the right side, the button is about the same size as the one in the left container, but the link icon is very small. I’ve been trying to make this link icon bigger, but I cannot figure out how.   Does anyone know how to make this icon bigger, like the one on the left container?   Thanks!
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It looks like the container on the left is using the ‘Card Action’ building block. This building block has pre-populated classes which styles the icons.

In Studio Pro analyse the properties of all the elements (study the class property) and then compare to see what is missing. 


The styling of a Mendix app is based on Bootstrap. You can find the CSS/SASS files in the theme folder of your project in the local folder.

Some info on out of the box classes:

Do CSS magic yourself: