Autocomplete widget overlap

Hello fellow Mendixers, I have a small but for me difficult to solve problem. In the app I use a wizard on one page with next step buttons to switch in visibily to show different stuff per step. I use the autocomplete widget with the 'open on focus’ enabled (yes) for searching addresses in the app. This action is used in step 2 of the wizard (screenshot 1). To go to step 3 of the wizard i use the Keyboard widget and when the autocomplete widget is open and then i press the Key to go to the next step in the wizard the searchfield is this visible on the next step (screenshot 2). It also blocks scrolling behaviour on that step. Does anyone know how to fix this or is the only sollution to disable the 'open on focus’ in the autocomplete widget? screenshot 1: screenshot 2: Yours truly, Bas
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First determine if this problem is specific to your project or to this widget. If widget: contact the makers, but I suspect it is specific to your project. So let’s continue there: are you using Atlas-UI and no custom styling at all? Then maybe ask mendix at If it is related to the styling in the project, you best create a new one, use that widget where it probably will look ok and start comparing the styles in the browser inspector.