Bootstrap Multi Select Widget does not working in AWS environment

Hey folks,               I am using Bootstrap multi select widget for my filter input screen page. I m using  Xpath to retrieve the associated data from database for the context object using [Report.PossibleUnit_Report/Report.Report/id='[%CurrentObject%]'].            Everything working fine in local environment. There is no issues with that. When come to AWS, its not working as we expected. Data’s everything available in database. But that, dropdown will not be shown. Sometimes, I need to click the widget two times for list out the dropdown. Why this issue is happening only in AWS ? Even I have enabled the Refresh in client option to update the changes in Client side page. Can anyone help me to fix this issue ?
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All cases i encountered where local behaviour was different from behaviour in the cloud were either related to a different revision of he package, the data in the database, constants or the user role that was used. I believe that would be the first thing to check by far.

You may want to download a backup of the database and restore it to a local database to reproduce the issue.

I hope this helps.