How to install (.mpk) file in my mendix app (Mendix Studio 8.18.2)

Hello there… I’m new using mendix and I don’t really know how to install a complement or a module from the appstore (.mpk). I just downloaded the ”ListViewControls.mpk”.  I don’t know what folder or file need to select to complete the installation.   I’ll be really thankful if you can help me… maybe telling me what is the path I need to select or similar..
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Hi Josue,

From your story, It seems that you might be downloading the widget directly from the marketplace in your browser.
If that is the case, I would advise you to do the following:

  1. Open your project in the Studio/Studio Pro
  2. Open the Marketplace from the Studio Pro (The Shoppingcart Icon, top-right)
  3. Search for the widget, select it and download it directly into your project!
  4. Open the toolbox in Studio Pro and now find the listview controls widget.

Hope it helps!