Maps widget problem

Hello, I am a student at the University of Twente and I am currently building an app in Mendix.  I was trying to insert a maps widget in my app. It worked however after entering coordinates (I don't get an error) I cannot see a marker and there is only a map without any indications. Maybe it has to do something with the format of the coordinates (decimal number). Have you encountered the same problem or you can think of a solution? Thanks in advance\ P.S. These are the coordinates 46.06335 148.88541
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Those lat-long coordinates 46 – 148 are not in NL but somewhere at China’s east coast. The fact that you get no result on the map at all, indicates that you inverted the coordinates. Entered 46 in longitude, 148 in latitude.

Btw, there is a pretty enumeration for lat-long in appstore’s app PrettyEnumeration.


Check on values being filled: