File Upload

Hi , I want to Upload 4 files on a single click of upload of button and show all of them in data grid at the same time. Can anyone advise me the best way to do this?      
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about the basics of uploading file see:

If you want to have a single upload page where you can upload 4 files at once;

  1. Create 4 FileDocument (specialization!) objects in a microflow
  2. Show these in a list of the upload page.


If these 4 files are related to a context object, such as 4 files for a report, employee or … then

Domain Model Configured

  1. Create 4 objects and reference them to the context object. 
  2. Page starts with dataview with context object and a nested listview showing the 4 created objects over the used association


if these 4 files are not related to any context object;

  1. Create a page with a listview, datasource microflow
  2. Create the objects in the data source microflow add them to a new list and pass that list to the listview as output parameter.


And to make it even better for the user; maybe use this widget?