Safari and :focus-within - Not working on listview items?

Hi, I'm experiencing a Safari difference. It looks like the :focus-within is not working or is different from what I expect. Below the pictures with the problem. The first picture shows an element below an element with class submenu. I set the focus on that element to make it stick. Normally, this is the result of a user clicking on the menu. The second picture shows the result on Chrome: the submenu-item is shown with a display: flex;. Standard, the submenu-items are not show (display: none;). Here is the css for that. .submenu{ &:focus-within { .submenu-item{ display: flex; } } } .submenu-item{ display: none; }   On Safari, this is not working. I think this is because the :focus-within is not working. Anybody an idea why and/or a way to solve it? I somewhere read that, on Safari, an element can only get a :focus-within if the item has a tabindex or has contenteditable=true. I see the tabindex on the listview-items is -1 and I do not see a way to change that.  
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