Generate Unique ID

Hi, I have created a App in which user orders a item and manager aprroves/reject it. I want to create a field of auto generated unique Id for each item by which user can track his ordered item. Example: There are two users both orders same laptop of same brand but they have different OrderId (Unique Id) by which they can distinguish which item they orederd.  
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You’re looking for a solution for a different issue.

You are selling for example 100 laptops. They are exactly the same, but you want to know which specific laptop is ordered.

What you basically need to do:

  • Entity Product (with name, description, etc. but without unique number)
  • Entity SpecificProduct with association to Product. This entity also has an unique number (it can be an autonumber). So if you have 100 same laptops, you need to add 1 Product and 100 associated SpecificProducts
  • An order has 1 or more associations with SpecificProduct, so you know exactly which unique product is ordered and also which products are available for selling.

What is your exact question?

When I read the lines, you have almost said everything you want to do.

Creating auto-generated ID is as easy as setting the OrderID as Autonumber.

If you want to have Alpha-numeric, you can use RandomString in CommunityCommons