How to set value range of Pluggable Widget Integer type Property?

It is about [Pluggable Widget Property Types - Static Types - Integer]。 I want to develop a pluggable widget, this widget should have a property with Integer type. I want to set the property’s value range. However, it has only 3 XML Attributes: type, key and defaultValue, no value range XML attributes is provided. But in standard widget Text Box’s “Decimal precision” property,  value range can be controlled. (only  1-100 can be inputed). So, how can we implement this value range control? Hope your answer, thank you.
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You could create 2 more widget properties in the widget xml file where you define the min- and maxlength:

<property key="myInteger" type="integer" defaultValue="1000">
	<caption>My integer</caption>
	<description>My integer setting</description>

 And then set those values as the min and max length properties of your input field:

  <input type="number" id="this.props.myAttribute" name="this.props.myAttribute" min=”this.props.myMinInteger” max = this.props.myMaxInteger>


I don't want to control the range of input box, but I want to control the range of configuration information. As shown in the picture ([decimal precision] property of Mendix’s TextBox control panel).