How to set Input file content to context obj in Custom Widget

we are building a multi file upload widget and trying to pass the file as context object(System.File) to microflow but we are not able to get the file content in microflow. we can set the string(File name) property. We need to process the file sequentially. We have tried dropzone and file dropper for multi file upload but they process the files in parallel. please suggest help with custom widget 
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To start with, make sure the input is told it’s about multiple files.

<input type="file" id="files" name="files" multiple>

Then for handeling the data part, does Mendix then receive multiple files or just one?

Might it help to look into the implementation of the dropzone widget for the data handeling?

I see Dojo in the category tags. I would advise you to build a pluggable widget with React, as this is to be the future of widgets :)