Mdsp Asset View; Error Code: null

Experts,          I am running into this error  when I use Mdsp Asset View widget in our mendix app. 2021-04-06 17:18:22.909 ERROR Widget: Mdsp Asset View; Error Code: null Error Msg: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data         Below is the snapshot of the way the Mdsp Asset view and the dynamic aspects that I used to plot the timeseries charts for the specific aspects/variables.    Below is how I set the parameters in the Mdsp Asset view widget. The selected asset id is what I dynamically pass through a microflow that I call within a dataview. Just to let you know that the above “Variable specific timeseries” groupbox is actually embedded within a dataview. As per the documentation, the Mdsp Asset view will need to be within a dataview / container.   The weird part is despite the above error, I still see that the assets panel show up and the timeseries charts also show up for all the aspects/variables pertaining to that selected asset. This happens as long as I run the app locally. However, the same thing when deployed to MS, the assets panel show up but none of the charts for the aspects/variables show up. Instead, I just see “No items found” message. Just to let you know that running the app locally or from the Mindsphere launchpad, the above mentioned error is thrown. Any help on getting past this issue will be greatly appreciated.   Thanks, Kalyan
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Check the Asset Type filter. If you provide your own Filter here, ensure it is a valid JSON string.