Change the color of a widget, for example a progress circle

Hey all, I am using a progress circle, but I would like its appearance to behave according to the following logic:  the actual value is always between 0 and 100; if it is smaller than, say, 80, the progress circle should be green; if it is larger than 80, the progress circle should be red. Out of the box, I only found a way to choose one color in case the actual value is positive, and another color if the actual value is negative. Is there a pre-coded way to achieve the above logic? Or is there a way to run a little routine every time the value changes, and change the color accordingly? I am very new to the Mendix environment, so please forgive my simple question. I do have some experience in coding, though, just not in Mendix. Thank you for you help, Daniel PS: I am using Mendix Studio Pro, Version: 8.18.3
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