Bootstrap Multi Select: how to store the selected result to an entitys attribute

Dear Community, I am creating a tool that uses the Bootstrap Multi Select tool to select several values from a predefined list for the attribute “Report type” and “Report Type” is one of the property of entity “Upload”. Since the result from the Bootstrap Multi Select tool can be multiple strings, I am not sure if I should set the type of attribute “Report Type” as string. I encountered error when I try to retrieve list of “Uploads” from database in the microflow and the association “upload_reporttype” is not reachable from “Uploads”. Thank you very much in advance! Best.  
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Hi yeting,

You can set the list of selected value to ReportType attribute like below


By Keeping the ReportType attribute as a String.


You can have seperate entity Called ReportType. The relationship between Upload and Reportype can be One Upload can have many reporttype. In this way you can store multiple reporttypes.