List view Paging and entity context?

I can’t figure out how to organize my page for it to be able to use the List view paging widget.    I have created the recommended PageContext entity but where should I place it in relation with the list view widget that I want to feed and in relation with the data view that holds the relevant context of said list view?   For instance: I have an entity called company and I want to display a listview of its employees. Traditionally, I’d place the employees list view within a data view of my company. Should I create relationships between these two and my (NPE?) PageContext entity so that I could fit it in-between? If not, how may I refer to the parent company in the workflow that has PageContext as input and Employees as output?
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I know it’s been 2 years since this question was asked and I hope you figured out the configuration. I have the same question for the List View Paging Widget and the configuration should be as per the screenshot. Leaving this comment for anyone else that might have the same problem.

Helpful hints:

OrdersPageContext inherits from PageContext.

The widget has a link to the github repo with a test app that you can download


Hiii Patrick, 

           For this you can use nesting data concept, which is mentioned in “Become a Rapid Developer” Learning Path.

           first you have to make association(Create a relation) between entities of Company and Employees because you have taken ListView inside DataView.