Mendix support for shortened URLs (e.g. Bitly, TinyURL, etc.)

In an SMS message to customers, we are trying to implement a shortened Bitly URL that is supposed to resolve to an online registration form that they can fill out without logging into our application. However, the endpoint of the original URL is not reached when the Mendix DeepLink Handler is used. Instead, customers who click the shortened Bitly link see the log-in page to the main application. Customers should not need to log in through the app to reach the registration form. Has anyone successfully implemented bitly or other shortened URLs through Mendix? If so, I’d love to hear some tips on how you did it. Thanks!
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The microflow you have configured for the deeplink and the entity must have anonymous user access for anyone who clicks the link to view/edit a form. When you dont add anonymous user access to a page system will directly take you to the login page in order to create a session and handle security permissions in page and entity level. 


Hope this helps!