D3 Gauge Microflow Interaction

Hi, I am using D3 gauge version 1.4 currently. I have created a non-persistable entity with the attributes of value, minimum, maximum and reading_1. This reading_1 is the value i want the gauge to read from my database.    Am i suppose to include the reading_1? or should i stick to value and insert a microflow that execute query from my database? I am not very sure about the configuration.       
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Hi Lu,


If you want to read the value displayed from a microflow:

  1. Create a non-persistent entity with the attribute which should hold the value
  2. Where you want to display the gauge on the page: add a dataview populated by datasource microflow
    1. This microflow should get the data from the database
  3. Add the Gauge widget inside this data view populated by microflow
  4. Connect the value attribute as mentioned in 1. in the widget.


See below: