Landing page is middle entry of List View whenever any update is made to the page

Hi   I have built an application which shows a list of items on the page where list view is used and it listens to microflow for that. There are 2 list views on the same page. And when the application runs, more than 10-15 items appear on the page.   Issue is: The fields inside the list view are editable. And i have 1 Save button above the entire list, which when i click , saves the edited values of the list view. Problem happens that whenever i click on save, and it pops up a message saying the list is saved, it lands back to the middle of the page. Even though i edit the first list view entry, click on save, it still lands on the 8-9th entry ie on middle of the page.   Can anyone please tell why this weird behaviour. ? I want that whenever i click on Save , it should land back pointing to page where we have actually done editing on list view rather than landing anywhere in the middle.    
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