can two dropdown filter work simultaneously to filter the list view data

I have a page , where i want to show the data in list view .  I am using two dropdown filter to filter out the list view data , but at a time only one filter is getting implemented. Means i want to filter list view’s data based on both filters selected value.  Can somebody tell me how two dropdown filter will work simultaneously.
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Note: Jérémie also responded, his method works too! (and is a much simpler,  why didn’t  I think  of  that...)

Hi Bhakti, 

You can create a non-persistable entity with the dropdowns you would like to search on. (image 1)

You can then create a microflow that creates the non-persistable entity and passes it to a page. The page will have the non-persistable entity as its page parameter and the list view nested within the page parameter. (Image 2)

Add two dropdowns outside the list view but within the page parameter that look at the enumerations in the non-persitable entity. 
Set the list view as a microflow data source, this microflow should have the parameter of Data_Filter (the non-persistable entity) and retrieve a list of the persistable entity using the options selected in the non-persitable as your XPath constraints. (image 3)
**I would suggest adding an onchange microflow to the dropdowns in the dataview, make them refresh the client otherwise the filter would not change what is showing in the list view.




Why would you not use a Datagrid? You can then easily use the standard search fields: