React widget and data retrieval

Hi, Starting with a React widget. I can display the widget, using components. Working fine.  With in the widget, I need to get some data. Normally (dojo widget) I would use a microflow to get the results. I (think I) need a microflow, because there will be a button to load the next 10 results (records) and show them under the last row. I took JelteMX's mendix-tree-table to look at the way the data retrieval is done in the new widget way. Ok, it seems I have to use the mendix-react-widget-utils (also JelteMX). I declared the entity and  microflow in the [package].xml After building the package and “F4” Mendix Studio Pro, I get an error: Error in property 'entityConfig': Entity/EntityConstraint properties are not supported by pluggable widgets (pluginWidget="true"). Error in property 'mfGetHeadersAndConfig': Microflow/Nanoflow properties are not supported by pluggable widgets (pluginWidget="true"). Use action property instead. The example that I used (mendix-tree-table) does use the entity and microflow but has no pluginWidget declaration (but gives no problems...). Is it possible to create a React widget that fetches new data by a microflow and update the DOM result (by adding the new records)? Are there some examples of React widgets that I can learn from? Or do I need to use the Dojo widget for this?
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