Native App with widget using PDFTron -> Unable to resolve module prop-types error

Native App is not loading after adding a Native widget using PDFTron . Followed below steps: Create Native widget Install npm modules as mentioned in (  Replace the SampleComponent.jsx with App.js code mentioned in Add the widget on native page Run App locally  Launch App using Make it Native app App throws below error C:\apps\Mendix\\modeler\tools\node\node.exe C:\apps\Mendix\\modeler\tools\node\node_modules\react-native\local-cli\cli.js bundle --config "C:\workdir\Work\Mendix\PracticeApps\TestNativeWidgetApp\deployment\native\metro.config.json" --dev "false" --entry-file "C:\workdir\Work\Mendix\PracticeApps\TestNativeWidgetApp\deployment\native\index.js" --platform "ios" --bundle-output "C:\workdir\Work\Mendix\PracticeApps\TestNativeWidgetApp\deployment\native\bundle\iOS\index.ios.bundle" --assets-dest "C:\workdir\Work\Mendix\PracticeApps\TestNativeWidgetApp\deployment\native\bundle\iOS" [Output]                  Welcome to React Native! [Output]                 Learn once, write anywhere [Output] Error: Unable to resolve module prop-types from C:\workdir\Work\Mendix\PracticeApps\TestNativeWidgetApp\deployment\native\widgets\node_modules\react-native-pdftron\index.js: prop-types could not be found within the project. [Output] If you are sure the module exists, try these steps: [Output]  1. Clear watchman watches: watchman watch-del-all [Output]  2. Delete node_modules and run yarn install [Output]  3. Reset Metro's cache: yarn start --reset-cache [Output]  4. Remove the cache: rm -rf /tmp/metro-* Same error is thrown with both Mendix 8 and 9. 
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