Implementing Styles to Widget

Hi All, I am trying to add class name specified at “” to text but the changes are not getting reflected in the browser. Can someone please help or guide me if I am missing something here. Below are the steps  : Select Text Widget  Go to properties → Common→ Class Corresponding to Class specified text-lined Save  Re-run locally 
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Hi Shobhit Patodi,

                           If you want to add a underline to your text, you can add custom styling to the text widget in style section area. Best practice is, add the class name  to the widget and create one .scss file in your theme folder of the project directory. Add your custom styling with your mentioned class name of the text widget. Then, use Calypso tool or Koala Compiler to compile the .scss files. 


You can add styling inside the Appearance tab style area like this. But it’s not a good practice. 


For your reference, I m sharing the documentation for how to use Calypso tool for Custom styling.



Thanks and Regards,

Vijayabharathi V