How to refresh a page on change of a editable datagrid field ?

Hi Team, We are using a editable datagrid, we have added a enumeration flag to Column 1, if a user changes this flag to Y then we assigning current date to a column value but now current date doesn’t reflect as soon as flag is Y, when we are refreshing the page then it is showing current date. Is there any way I can refresh the page when this editable grid value is changed to Y ?   Thanks In Advance
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You can place an ‘after commit’ event to your data grid’s entity that will call a microflow. In that microflow, have a ‘change object’ or ‘commit object’ activity and select ‘refresh in client’ to update the page without refreshing.

EDIT: The editable data grid auto commits through ‘on leave’ events. Use an ‘after commit’ event handler.