Bar chart with specific bars highlighted

I am currently trying to display a chart where the colour of two bars are different to highlight their values. I have tried to do this a couple of times in different ways, The first attempt was with a dynamic series but these are in the wrong order since I want them in x value order. (below) My second attempt was with the hope to overlay the Series so that they are ordered correctly and so that as the Results and Target series change they will cover different levels. I tried to edit the plotly series JSON but couldn’t mange to do what I was after. I can’t get the series to overlap however and was wondering if this was even possible? Thank you in advance for any tips on how to overlap or how I could achieve the chart that I am after.
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Can't you set the color of the bars in the JSON? I did this with AnyChart, I set the value in the ColorData object before creating the JSON. If an object matches a certain requirement, use color X.