Toggling button to send data on the same page

Hi,   I would like a button to be in a dataview that toggles on and off while sending data to an IOT platform. My entity must be non-persistable as I am going to use it in both native and responsive browser. I tried various ways but theres always an error “ parameter __ of the selected microflow does not match available arguements, No arguments are available to dataview 1”. How do I make the button toggle without showing a new page? 
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Your microflow expects a parameter, so you need to make the parameter available in the context of your button. So you need to have for example a dataview with page parameter or a (nested) dataview as context for your button. I can imagine your dataview NPE has a flag, controlled by your button. Based on this flag data will/should be send or not. 

If this is not possible, you can create a custom microflow which does not expect a parameter. You can trigger this microflow via your button, but, you need in that case to do the logic without a passed context (read: parameter) to toggle sending data.