Datagrid 2.0

I want to use a “datagrid 2” grid as a listener. As far as I can see that is not possible like datagrids, template grid or list views. Are there any solutions?  
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Currently, this is not added to Datagrid 2 yet. Let's hope that it will get added soon. In the meantime, you can replicate this functionality with a simple workaround. 


  1. Create a helper object with a 1-1 association with your entity.
  2. In the on-click action update the association with the selected object and refresh the helper object in the client. 
  3. Provide the data source for the data view as the association created. 

This will work as expected. Hope this helps!



With a datagrid it is possible to have a dataview that ‘listens’ to the grid. See below:





In a datagrid 2 it is not possible to have a dataview listening to the grid.