Update Widget in Mendix Studio Not Working

I update the star rating widget to version 2 and now am receiving an error saying the definition has changed and I need to update:   “The definition of this widget has changed. Update this widget by right-clicking it and selecting 'Update widget', or select 'Update all widgets' to update all widgets in the project...” I don’t see any update widget option in studio. How do I use this updated widget? I can’t find any documentation on the error number CE0463  
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Hi Austin,

In the Errors pane in Studio Pro, you can right mouse click on the error message and you will see a popup menu.  One of the options is the update this widget, another option is to update all widgets.  You can select either of those options.  Update this widget will update the widget for that error message.  Update all will update all instances of that widget.  For the star rating widget, selecting update all should do the trick.

Hope that helps,


Here is the pane you are looking for