ArcGIS - Specific Location ?

Hi Experts, Here am using ArcGIS Widget it is showing only the default area in the map instead of showing the entire world. So that I can’t able to search outside of this default area shown in the map. Also I have changed X.Y Co-ordinates, I don’t know where exactly the default are in the map comes from. Kindly let me know how to change the default area of the map.   Layer configuration :     Exact Requirement : Thanks in Advance.
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If you have no objects to show yet there are the settings in the ‘Behavior’ tab:

  • Default X
  • Default Y
  • Default Zoom Level.


If there are objects the view will zoom to an extent around those objects retrieved from the ArcGIS layer(s).

Please download the Demo project if looking for how to implement a simple map view, it has 6 good examples.


EDIT: It seems you want to load another base map altogether, because the Default X, Default Y and Default Zoom Level are working. You could use for instance this base map (set in Base Default Map URL):

Default X = 0, Default Y=0, Default Zoom Level =4 and Spatial Reference= 102100 and you would get: