Problems with refreshing anychart automatically on Home page

Hi Everyone, I am using Anychart to display the data. I have put it in a dataview whose data source is a microflow, so it doesn’t refresh it automatically like in the database as source mode. I have read about the microflow (MF) timer widget and tried to use it. I can not use it directly for the MF mentioned above as it returns an object. I thought of using this timer to call another MF which calls the above mentioned MF and returns a “true” which the timer MF needs to work. For some reason I am not able to make this whole thing work. Could anyone help me out with it? I just want the plot data to refresh itself automatically. thanks    
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I think you should refresh the Dashboard object, not the SensorData object.


Hi Manish,

You can make a new microflow for example “Timer_RefreshSensorData” with an input parameter object ‘SensorData”.

If you commit with refresh in client on this passed object a refresh should take place.

In the timer you should call the new microflow.