Upload Excel File and save it as CSV to a specified path

Hi, I'm new to Mendix and need to solve the following: Users all over the world drop a file (xlsx or xls) onto a web page or select a file through a file dialog. This file should be stored - converted to CSV - with a self-specified name onto a specified share on an own server. We've puzzled for hours - but to no avail... We tried various ExcelImporter-templates, the Export_to_CSV-button and several ready-cooked templates in the hope to understand the principles. Besides various obstacles the final problem was to get the file on our own machine. Is there anybody who can point to the needed widgets and who can explain (sort of a cooking recipie :-) ) how to proceed? Best Regards  Julia
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Most of this can be done with various AppStore modules or native capabilities of Mendix:

  1. Parse the Excel file using the ExcelImporter
  2. Export the data to CSV using the ExcelExporter (which also supports CSV)
  3. You now have a FileDocument. This file document needs to be sent to your own server. Ask the team that operates that server how you can send files there. Perhaps you can use FTP, FTPS or SFTP. Perhaps they have a webservice or REST API