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Hi guys, I am trying to use the “CSS Loader - Bizzomate” widget to set up a different theme (at least changing primary colors) for each logged-in user. I am having trouble finding information about what I am supposed to add in the microflow string variable that returns some CSS. Documentation says: ”Create one microflow, which returns the CSS in a string and link that microflow with the widget” Any clue what should be in there? the theme? Thanks ​​​​​​​
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Hi  Alejandro Castrelo,

                   With the CSS Loader widget, we can able to specify the theme based on the logged-in user or some other conditions. I will show some examples with screenshots.

I created the two dashboard pages for different user roles like Admin and User roles. If Admin logged in to the application, that button background color will change. I will show you, how to do that. 

Step 1: Created two different pages for two different user roles. 



Step 2: Added the class name for each button 






Step 3: Created the data source microflow to return the CSS string based on the logged in user.




Step 4: Added the CSS loader widget under the layout and add the Data source microflow in this widget. Like this


Output : 

When logged in as Admin user, that button background color will look like proper brand colors.


When logged in as User, that button background color will look like mismatched brand colors.

I hope, it will help you.


Thanks and regards,

Vijayabharathi V