reference selector bug when changing the selection

Hi all, I’m facing a bug in a reference selector (dropdown), which I do not know how to fix… On a page I select an Objekt via reference selector. On that same page, I have a couple of attributes which display content of an associated object I selected in the ref. selector.  Sometimes, when I change the selected object in the dropdown, the data in the attribute fields remain empty. This happens somehow randomly.  Sometimes the correct data is displayed and sometimes it remains empty or even shows wrong data when changing the selected object in the reference selector on the same page. There is no OnChange action defined in the selector. Any ideas how to fix this?  I use two entities which have a 1-1 association and the fields are placed in the same dataview.
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It can happen if you have a 1 to 1 association. you have to change it to a 1 to * association (if the logic make sense)

Let’s say I have an entity form, my form need to have one country. I will not put a 1 to 1 association here because one country can be link to several form.


So the link should be:  1 country <– * form