Checkbox doesnt align to the right side.

Hi! I’m using the built in widget for checkbox and I want to place it to the most right corner in my listview, but the issue is that it doesn’t want to go there. I tried to pull-right and align right, and remove all paddings but still it always leaves a significant space between the border, but when I rotate it 180 degrees or skew it horizontally then it goes where I want it but in these cases the check symbol appears wrong. Seems that the problem is the space for label even though I don’t use the label. Is there any good way to move it to the right?   Thanks.
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I think you would need to create a custom class to overwrite this part of the default styling (margin-right):

Go to your {projectfolder}\theme\styles\web\sass\app\custom.scss, and add

mx-checkbox.checkbox-right input[type="checkbox"] {


In Studio Pro add the ‘checkbox-right’ to the properties > class of your checkbox.