Few labels should get bydefault selected in the label selector on the load of the page

Hello, I am using an api to get a list of labels and mapped it with an entity ‘Skill_Label’ with attributes ‘Skillid’, ‘SkillDescription’, ‘SkillRanking’. Now i am using a label selector on my page whereas in properties label object is selected as the entity ‘Skill_label’ and caption attribute is selected as ‘SkillDescription’. Now i am able to see the caption list and user can select from those but i want to extend it and need to have another list of caption from another api and mark those as default selected on page load for that same label selector.  Please suggest me how can i do this so that bydefault those labels should get already selected.     Thanks In Advance!!!
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Hi Gupta,

You may require a Data source microflow or before showing this page call a microflow for Your Personal_Info data view inside of that we can call your external api and once its return list of Skills_labels (Make sure returned list should synchronise to your data base). Associate each newly returned Skill_Label to Personal info. 

Other scenario where you might load twice or second time you can handle like CreateOrRetrieve flow that means check that particular Skill_Label available in your data base if not create if exist just retrieve and associate to Personal_Info.

Hope this help.