Individual tooltips for input forms

Hi Mendix community, Maybe, you could help me. I want to build a form, in which there are several tooltips for different fields of an enitity. I figured out that I can use Bootstrap Tooltip for this kind of problem. But how do I use this widget exactly? Depending on the input boxes, I want to show different tooltips. One of the solution could be to insert the tooltip widget right after each of the input boxes. For each input box I would create an individual style class and assign the matching tooltip. Since I could not figure out how a microflow could get information about the object where my mouse is hovering on, I do not know a more intellegent solution. Do you have an idea? I would really pleased to hear from you, because I have a lot of forms and tooltips to do.   Best Regards and Thank you! Sai  
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One widget you could use is the React Tooltip Widget. It's very customizable and basically works as a container that you can place elements (in your case, input fields) into, and you can use context parameters to fill the tooltip text.


Hi Sai ,

For the Bootstrap tooltip you need to mention the class name in  Target element class for which input box data you need to show in that tooltip and need to add the same class name in input field too. Then in Data source tab need to map the attribute which one you needed. Added screenshot for your reference.