Best way to style rows based on boolian value?

Hi All, Currently, I'm trying to style my Datagrid rows based on a boolean value, but I'm really bad at CSS. The only thing I want is to get a green background color when the row contains a true value, and red background color when it's a false value. I've tried downloading the “Data grid Extension” widget, but I see a lot of people advising others to not use it since it's not supported anymore. However, it did style my rows based on the boolean value: I did get bold text in the rows that had a true value this way, but I have no idea what to put in “CSS Class” to get a green background. the standard “background-success” and “bg-success” classes don't seem to work here.  Does anyone know what to do?  Thanks in advance!  
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Your options are:

  • try other built-in classes to see if they meet your needs
  • create your own CSS classes


For the first one, try these:

alert alert-success

alert alert-danger

or maybe: